UCLA Anderson Interview

I have received the invitation almost immediately after they started sending them out, being an international student I was offered a Skype interview and a variety of dates, quite convenient to be honest. Unlike Kellogg, Anderson’s interviews are conducted by second-year students, who pass trainings before becoming a part of admissions team.

My interviewer has added me on Skype one hour prior to our interview time, which was nice, because with Kellogg I was worried, as I had been added a few minutes before the thing, making me uncomfortable.

Interview with a student feels different from an interview with an adcom member, I felt like it was more relaxed and not a ‘checklist’ we had discussed some of my points and he added his thoughts on them, which was great!

The questions were quite traditional:

  • Walk me through your resume
  • Why MBA
  • Why UCLA
  • Why Now
  • Tell me a story you convinced somebody
  • Anything you want to ask?

Overall, I felt that interview went quite well, learning curve at work!

So, here’s the updated status of my applications:

BS status 241015



      1. By the way, I’m going into management consulting for full time at a strategy consulting firm next year. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about recruiting.

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