Day: 09.12.2015

Chicago Booth: accepted!

Well, guess what? Yep, I was waiting for CST to show 9:00 am to start worrying, but I got so much work to do that I lost track of time and then I got a call on my mobile from a phone number starting with 1 (international code of USA): it was so amazing! I was waiting for the nice lady on the other end of the phone to tell me she is from Chicago Booth and when she did – I got some shot of dopamine in my brain.

So, she told me that she was a part of team who reviewed my application, gave me some feedback (My application contained a lot of personal details, so her feedback was very important for me) and provided me with some details on admit weekend. To be honest I wasn’t quite sure on how to reply, because I was overwhelmed – but I thanked her and told her of my experiences with alums and how great I feel and I also praised my interviewer, because she was amazing and deserved that. On top of that I got a scholarship!

Booth is a school that I had a lot of connection with, contrary to popular opinion, people from there were one of the most engaged, interesting and fun, alums were super nice and eager to help. I really believe that Booth and I will make a great match in terms of fit and my career goals.

Well, what a great day! Good luck to everyone! And if you will not receive a call today – don’t be sad, use gmatclub to get some feedback, people there are happy to help. MBA is a great tool to achieve certain goals, but it is one among many others, keep that in mind and stay positive!