Duke Fuqua Interview and Dartmouth Tuck Invite

Got an invite to Tuck (November round)! Feels so great! Really love the school and the people there. I spoke with quite a few alums, they were really among the most responsive ones. I especially, appreciated the honesty with which they answered my questions and their patience, as I am someone who gets to the heart of things and don’t like to have unadressed concerns. I will write a separate post about my experience with alums/current students within the research stage of application.

But now, a few words on my Duke interview: it was a few weeks ago, but I was quite busy, so my post is a bit late.

I was paired with an alum, who workes in MBB, we met in a coffee house next to his office, actually the same chain of cafés, where I met with Booth alumna, seems to be popular among MBB’s. But unlike my interview with Booth alumna,  this interview was more formal, he had a list of questions in mind and our interview was more like a Q&A session than a conversation, thought quite relaxed; what I didn’l like about this is that sometimes he would ask about topics that we discussed before, so we discussed topic A, then B, then C, then A, then C etc. a bit haphazard.

The questions were as follows:

  1. Why MBA/Why Duke, asked me to elaborate why I can’t reach the goals mentioned without MBA and how MBA will help to adress these problems.
  2. Name three qualities that your collegues would have used to describe you.
  3. Tell me a leadership story
  4. Most recent success story
  5. … (some other standard questions I can’t remember)
  6. Name 3 strenghts and weaknesses, elaborate.

The Q&A part took around an hour and then we spent another 15-20 minutes discussing his experience at the school and I asked him some questions to better understand Fuqua. This conversation made me like the alumnus, he was quite open and answered all of my questions.

So, now the wait!


MIT Sloan first invites

Deadline for Round 1 MIT Sloan applications was on September 17, 2015 and today they started sending out invitations, seems like they are sticking to their last year approach of inviting most of U.S. based students in first wave and International students in the second wave. Most students were a bit discouraged by such a long wait, longest in last three years:

Event 2015 2014 2013
R1 Deadline Sep 17, Thu Sep 23, Tue Sep 24, Tue
First invites Oct 20, Tue Oct 20, Mon Oct 25, Fri
Final invites Nov 9 (?), Mon* Nov 7, Fri Nov 15, Fri

*We will begin sending out interview invitations in mid-October and continue until the week of November 9th, at which point each applicant will receive an updated status.

It’s worth noting that invites are sent in 2-3 large batches, here’s a quote from GMAT club for 2014 and 2013 process:


Monday Oct 20, 2014: first invites
Tue-Friday Oct 21-24, 2014: almost silence
Monday 27, 2014: large # of invites sent out
Tue-Friday Oct 28-31: some invites
Wed Nov 5,2014: another large #of invites sent out (most international applicants got invites in this batch)
Friday Nov 7, 2014: some invites and ding/waitlist notifications

Friday Oct 25,2013: first invites
Monday-Friday Oct 28- Nov 1 2013: large # of invites sent throughout the week
Monday-Thursday Nov 4-7 2013: complete silence
Friday Nov 8 2013: some invites
Friday Nov 15 2013: some invites and ding/waitlist notifications

So don’t panic, there is plenty of time to receive an invite and even if you don’t, remember that your world will not end without MBA: did you know that Jack Ma was rejected by Harvard 10 times?

And also, remember that Sloan asks for another essay to be prepared by invited applicants, here it is:

A second, short-answer question will be asked only of those invited to interview:

The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Please share with us something about your past that aligns with this mission. (250 words or fewer).

– See more here.

Good luck and don’t lose your drive!

If you want to keep updated or vent, join gmatclub’s MIT Sloan thread or chat.