Test scores

Most schools allow GMAT/GRE and require TOEFL/IELTS. Some schools do not require language tests and some schools do not accept GRE, so be sure to check your schools requirements!

I started somewhere in March/April, I planned to pass GMAT in July and start preparing for TOEFL and write essays in August. My GMAT Prep test result on July 7 was 730, so I wanted to improve SC and get 760 and more by the end of month. I had a decision map for my first GMAT exam:

740 and below – cancel, retake

750-760 – submit, retake

770 and above – relax.

Unfortunately life had its own plans. Initially I planned 2 week vacation in July before taking the GMAT and planned at least 0 points improvement from quant and mostly SC, but instead I got into hospital, and I was given certain pills to take for another 2-3 months, which clouded my thinking and overall I was more worried about my health that MBA, so half of July and whole of August were spent without any GMAT prep.

I took my exam in September, while preparing my essays and tackling health issues, 2 days before the exam I got 780 in GMATPrep and before that twice 750 (I purchased exam pack), my verbal scores were high, I usually made 1-3 mistakes and I was ready to get that sweet 99%, but instead I got 750 (98%), I mean, still not bad, but I didn’t have time to retake, as deadlines were close, and I already had to skip HBS and Yale.

Still, materials used:

Manhattan prep math bundle (5 books)

Manhattan prep SC (read 1,5 times, re-reading the most confusing bits)

Official guide 13 (the best score booster), which I reviewed using GMAT Quantum videos

For advanced quant:

Manhattan Advanced Quant

GMATclub math tests

GMAT Hacks math questions by Jeff Sackmann

I didn’t use any special materials for CR and RC, as I had only one mistake in each during my first try and figured that OG will be enough.

So I focused on TOEFL, my prep was very limited, materials used:

i-courses.org mini test and

ETS official mock test 

NoteFull.com free videos for answer structuring

Result 113 (Reading 30, Listening 29, Speaking 26, Writing 28).

So, good enough to start the application process!


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